Last Thursday

Last Thursday’s talk by Terry Fisk was well-attended and well- received.  Even I, the queen of all cynics,  got a few chills down my back with some of the descriptions of psychic  phenomena – too bad some of you missed it.  On October 18th, Duffy Hudson will be here as Edgar Alan Poe.

 New books:

The bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan – I liked this book so well my review was actually used in the Library Reads promo – and I thought I couldn’t write!

 Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d by Alan Bradley – another delightful book featuringFlavia DeLuce, what a clever child she is

 The Wonder by Emma Donoghue – for some reason Donoghue likes to write on a small stage – this book, too, written by the author of Room, takes place in one small, confined space. After you have read this book, you will know it wasn’t about me!

The great reckoning by Louise Penney - if you haven’t begun this series featuring Armand Gamache and his cohorts, it’s time.  The books, I think, should be read in order so you have a lot of catching up to do until you get to this one.   Fans of the series will need no summary, but will welcome the book with open arms, or should that be eyes?

 Leave me by Gayle Forman – A working mother  feels so put upon she leaves home and her familyand eventually though new relationships realizes she really didn’t have it all that bad.

 Smooth Operator by Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall – the second Teddy Fay novel

These  are just a few of the new books that have arrived in the past couple of weeks..    We get new books almost every week.  If there is a new book you want to read,, that we don’t have you can always request that we purchase it.  I am always open to requests.  I’m cannot guarantee that I will buy it to add to our collection, but you can always ask.

Since Halloween is on a Monday, and the library is open Monday nights, there will be treats for all who stop by whether they are in costume or not.  Tell your friends.  

Be on the lookout the date of our first ever gingerbread house contest.  There will prizes!