April Minutes

Vinton Public Library Meeting – April 11, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.

Those present were:  Kim Johnson, Jeff Peterson, Matt Salger, Eric Upmeyer, Tina Nelson, Brent Patterson and Lori Smith.  Also present was Virginia Holsten.

Excused: Rundlett & Mangold

Minutes of the March meeting were approved.  Motion by Salger, 2nd by Nelson.

Treasurer’s report was approved.  Motion by Salger, 2nd by Upmeyer.

Correspondence:  Thank you s from  Chad Lewis, the Bridge Ladies, and Morris and Ida Higgins were shared.

Old Business –

·        A location for the tree once it is moved inside was discussed.  Motion by Nelson, 2nd by Peterson to place the tree by the fireplace.

·        Discussed the addition of placing “wall words” behind Lani’s desk.  Words could be a compilation of library terms or programs that the library provides such as Hoopla or Bridges.  The words can be in various colors, removed easily and replaced as needed.  Motion by Salger, 2nd by Peterson to proceed.  


New Business –

·        Discussed the possibility of offering a micro-brewery beer tasting event as a fund raiser.  Johnson offered to help research vendors.  Salger indicated that hard cider tasting may also be an alternative.  Discussed having the cider tasting in the fall.  Motion by Salger, 2nd by Peterson to proceed.

Director’s Report –

·        Virginia reported that she was informed it would be better to replace the carpet with carpet squares in the west entry way so that they could be more easily replaced if damaged.

·        Virginia indicated that we have patrons who stand outside waiting for the bus to pick them up.  She will look into prices for a bench so that they have a place to wait comfortably.

·        The next “First Thursday” program to be held in May will consist of our Policy Chief and City Administrator.



Meeting adjourned, motion by Peterson, 2nd by Salger.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Smith