March Minutes

Vinton Public Library Meeting – March 14, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.

Those present were:  Kim Johnson, Deb Rundlett, Brent Patterson, Tina Nelson, Eric Upmeyer, Matt Salger, Jeff Mangold, Jeff Peterson and Lori Smith.  Also present was Virginia Holsten.

Absent: None

Minutes of the February meeting were approved.  Motion by Mangold, 2nd by Rundlett.

Treasurer’s report was approved.  Motion by Salger, 2nd by Nelson.

Correspondence:  None

Old Business –

·        Discussed the purchase of two new computers.  It was decided that Amy and Virginia would take ownership of the computers and their old computers would be used as the public access computers.

·        The process of moving the tree inside was discussed.  Mark Phippen will be clear-coating the tree with a thicker coating in order to preserve it.  He is waiting for the weather to cooperate in regards to temperature and wind in order to spray the tree so that there will be no overspray onto vehicles.

New Business –

·        Discussed the addition of a new wall photo behind Lani’s desk.  Virginia brought a couple of examples from Tharp Design for review.  Board discussed their thoughts and will look for other photo options.  Board would like to see a photo within the city limits of Vinton. 

Director’s Report –

·        Virginia reported that there have been some repairs that required attention again this last month.  Fixtures are deteriorating with age as most are 25 years old.

·        Virginia indicated that the “First Thursday” program was a success.  Kurt Karr will be the speaker for April.  Chad Lewis will present a discussion on Iowa’s strange history on March 20th.

·        Virginia reported that the painting is progressing.  Upstairs is receiving its fresh coat now.

·        The slip printer used for receipts has died.  Virginia will look into replacing it.


Meeting adjourned, motion by Salger, 2nd by Mangold.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Smith