May Minutes

Vinton Public Library Meeting – May 9, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.

Those present were:  Jeff Peterson, Tina Nelson, Deb Rundlett, Brent Patterson, Eric Upmeyer, Kim Johnson, Jeff Mangold, and Lori Smith.  Also present was Virginia Holsten.

Excused: Matt Salger

Minutes of the April meeting were approved.  Motion by Nelson, 2nd by Peterson.

Treasurer’s report was approved.  Motion by Johnson, 2nd by Nelson.

Correspondence:  None

Old Business –


New Business –

·        Discussed adding surveillance cameras to the library.  Vinton Police Department has recommended this due to loitering around the library after business hours.

·        Larry Drushel is donating metal benches in memory of Joe Wood and Bob Harrison.

·        Discussed our beer/hard cider tasting fund raiser.  Tentative date is August 11th.  Virginia has several volunteers that are helping with the planning.

Director’s Report –

·        Virginia reported that the painting is complete.  They have done some spring cleaning and decluttering.

·        Virginia called Serv-Pro in regards to cleaning the carpet in the whole library plus the padded backs of chairs.  She is waiting for their return call.

·        Ameri-Corps  volunteers cleaned windows and will be back to complete more projects next weekend.


Meeting adjourned, motion by Peterson, 2nd by Mangold.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Smith