Borrowing books from other libraries

So here’s the deal, I will probably become the world’s worst blogger, which begs the question – how can that be?  She talks so much.  Writing is very hard for me – talking is so much easier and I am so much better at it.   

Open Access – you can borrow books from almost any other library in the state of Iowa, and take them to any library to have them returned.  There is no charge to you.  For example, if you are in Des Moines and see something at the library you would like to borrow, a card will be issued to  you, and then you can check out  the material.  When you are done with it, you can bring the stuff here to us and we will return it to Des Moines.  Of course, we love it when you come here for your books and DVDs, but we sure understand if you find something you want somewhere else.

The Atlas Obscura had an interesting article on the phenomenon  library anxiety – which is described as feeling intimidated, embarrassed, and overwhelmed by libraries.  Good grief, I would hope that none you feel that way when you walk in here.  We are here to help.  No question is a silly question.  Come on in and join the fun.