I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack.  Did you miss me?  Actually I didn’t go anywhere, but for some reason never got around to writing.  However, I just told Amy I would have this to her to post within 40 minutes.  She raised her eyebrows as if she doubted me – as well she should – but I have started now and still have 38 minutes to go.


We had a successful gingerbread contest – the first, but not the last we have ever had.  It was just kind of an idea that was floating around then suddenly it was November and we had done very little about it.  Maybe we should do more things this way – kind of off the cuff - because it turned out quite nicely.  The 2nd annual gingerbread contest entries will be accepted the Monday after Thanksgiving, 2017 and continue until Saturday.  I figure if I start putting the contest out there, maybe, just maybe, we will be better organized next year.  We thought it fun, and the display of the houses has been well-admired by the community.


Hoopla is available to all rural Benton County residents and Vintonians.  You just need your library card number from the Vinton Library and have an account in good standing – meaning no late fees.  If you know your number just go towww.Hoopladigital.com and follow the directions.  You will be asked for your email address, and a password – you make up the password – then you will be asked to choose your library and enter your card number.  And bob’s your uncle, you are good to go.  Everything you see on there is available immediately – no waiting, no reserves.  You may check out 5 items per month. 


Here’s a quote that really made sense to me.  “Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else”. – Isaac Asimov.


On that note, I will wish you and yours happy holidays. 


Rats, I didn’t make my deadline – one minute too late.



Virginia Holsten

Library Director