Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card?

In order to get a library, card you must fill out a registration form at the front desk. You must provide proof of your current Address. Currently you will not get an actual card, but will be entered into the database on our computer. When you check out you will just have to remember your name, until we know it.


We are such a friendly library that anyone over the age of 5 who knows his/her address and telephone number  can get a library card. In certain circumstances, online services will be limited. 

What can I do with my library card

A library card allows the holder to borrow any materials from the Vinton Public Library, access online databases, BRIDGES and more. Some exceptions do apply.

If you don't have the book I want, can you get it for me?

If you want material that is not owned by the library, ask at the front desk to see if the book can be borrowed from another library. The only cost is $2 to help defray postage.

What services does the library charge for?

There are a few things that the library charges for – sending a fax costs up to $2, however, receiving a fax is free. Black and white copies are 20 cents each, while color copies are 25 cents. The only fines are on DVDs and those are $1 per day the DVD is returned late.

What is "Bridges"?

BRIDGES is a free online extension of the library that allows you to borrow ebooks, audiobooks and more. You just have to know your library card number in order to sign in. Complete directions on how to use BRIDGES are in the help section. You can access BRIDGES through our website – look in E-Library to find it.

Do you have free Wi-fi?

Yes. Wi-Fi is available anywhere in the library building and to the street parking. There is no charge, and no password is needed. Wi-Fi is accessible only during library hours.

Do You Have Public meeting rooms available?

Meeting rooms are available by reservation, and only during hours the library is open. The lower level larger room will hold up to 25 people depending on the configuration you require. There is a smaller room on the upper level which can be used, but the seating is limited to four people. The upper room is not private. No deposit or fee required to use either room. Commercial enterprise may use the rooms provided no sales are conducted.

Are there fees for library programs or events?

Any programming and events hosted by the library are free.

Do you have computers available for public use?

Computers are available for public use. You do not have to have a library card to use them.  There is a time limit of 30 minutes if there are people waiting. If you need to print something, black and white one-sided copies are 20 cents and colored copies are 25 cents. The price doubles for double-sided copies.